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Sep 1 / Josh

Featuring Max Keiser – Clip from the 10 O Clock live show (14 Aprill 2011) [HQ]

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Supporting the financial terrorist bankers and politicians – 10 O Clock live(14Apr11).

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  1. Adam / Sep 27 2011

    James made a fool of himself when

    1)he said that Keiser doesn’t understand banking
    2)every time Richard Sharpe confirms that what Keiser says is not ‘nonsense’

  2. hewasright / Feb 5 2013

    I always feel for Max when he gets on one of these panel shows, the guy is very intelligent and a lone voice in the financial world, he speaks truth to power but gets very little traction, probably because of his effervescence personality, and secondly because no one like to think that there is a predatory deeply corrupting center to our financial system.

    Anyway the reason for my comment is that the guy who insults Max’s intelligence is a real creep Max invented very novel technology and is completely out of the sycophantic critics league.

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